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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Hope everything is going well!
I know several people are doing the 50k challenge and the day draws nigh...

...so good luck!


Happy Birthday !
Hope things are going well in the air force.


Reply to zara_capeverde - The Big Read

(Stolen from zara_capeverde who stole it from... somewhere)

The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed. Let's put this theory to the test.

Progeny, Part 9 - final part

This is just for anyone who's looking for news of Progeny, Part 9 - i've added a note at the bottom of Part 8 but i think everyone's already read it...

Will be away for the weekend, will not be writing, so expect the 9th and final part of Progeny not before Tue or Wed next week...

Sorry 'bout that, hope everyone has a good weekend.

*skips off gleefully...*

Septimus finds his Princess at last...

 Ok, the only possible excuse for this is that i needed to cheer myself up.

 I lack both graphics expertise and patience, so don't look too closely...  ;)